‘Dystopia from the Rock’ becomes Amazon Bestseller in multiple categories!

Dystopia from the Rock

Dystopia from the Rock, the fourth volume in the modern From the Rock series, hit #1 Bestseller on February 21, 2019 at 8:22 AM Newfoundland Standard Time: a full month before its release. It reached #1 in the category of ‘Science Fiction Short Stories,’ and ‘Cyberpunk.’ As of this writing it has reached #1086 on the overall paid Amazon ca charts, #7 in Cyberpunk Science-Fiction, and #10 in Genetic Engineering Science-Fiction.

Dystopia from the Rock features thirty-two short stories written by a diverse mix of some of the best speculative fiction and thriller authors in Canada, including both award-winners, veterans of their craft, and brand new talent.

Edited by Erin Vance and accomplished genre author Ellen Curtis, this collection features the thrilling, creatively charged, astonishing fiction that showcases the talent, imagination, and prestige that Canada — both in the Atlantic region and beyond — has to offer.

Featuring the work of Lauralana Dunne (Ashes), Jon Dobbin (The Starving), Matthew LeDrew (Coral Beach Casefiles, Infinity, Xander Drew), Jed MacKay (Edge of Spider-Geddon, Daredevil: Man Without Fear), an introduction by Brad Dunne, & much more!

Engen Books would like to congratulate editors Curtis & Vance on this achievement, and thank its fans and peers who helps make this possible. We also extend gratitude an congratulations to authors and contributors: Jed MacKay, Corrine Lewandowski, Katie Little, Sam Bauer, Andrew Pike, Jon Haas, Matthew Daniels, Matthew LeDrew, Lauralana Dunne, Diane Lynn McGyver, David Wright, Erin Vance, Jon Dobbin, Elizabeth Whitten, Peter Foote, Chantal Boudreau, Ellen Curtis, Finnan Beaton, Christopher Walsh, Lisa Daly, Jeff Slade, Michelle Churchill, Ryan Belbin, Nicole Little, Brad Dunne, David Rimmington, Heather Nolan, Gareth Mitton, Shannon Green, JJ King, and Ali House!

7:50PM Update: Dystopia from the Rock has ranked thusly in the following categories:
Named a ‘Hot New Release’ by Amazon dot CA in both Science Fiction and SciFi Fantasy
#1 in Science Fiction Short Stories and Anthologies
#1 in Cyberpunk
#74 overall for paid books in Canada
#2 in Genetic Engineering
#10 in all of Science Fiction & Fantasy
#7 in all of Science Fiction
#3 in Space Marine Science Fiction
#4 in Military Science-Fiction
#2 in Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction
#92 in all eBooks

9:45PM update:
#1 Short Story Collection in all of Canada
#25 in all of Literature & Fiction in Canada

Dystopia from the Rock held its #1 Bestseller status in Science-Fiction Short Stories from Feb 21 – 25 2019

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