Superstar author Jed MacKay announced as the final Dystopia from the Rock author!

Engen Books is proud and excited to announce the final author to be featured in 2019’s epic story collection: Jed MacKay, and his short story: ‘Jianghu!’

Jed grew up in PEI, and although Jianghu is his first published piece of prose, readers will no doubt be familiar with his writing from the world of comics. In the past year, Jed has become a frequent contributor to Marvel Comics, with work on Daughters of the Dragon, The Edge of Spider-Geddon, Ghost Panther, Infinity Warps, and the acclaimed weekly series Daredevil: The Man Without Fear.

Jed brings with him his unique voice and vision, rounding out the complete 2019 From the Rock team!

One thing left to announce: the cover, and its creator! One final person will be joining Jed MacKay, Corrine Lewandowski, Katie Little, Sam Bauer, Andrew Pike, Jon Haas, Matthew Daniels, Matthew LeDrew, Lauralana Dunne, Diane Lynn McGyver, David Wright, Erin Vance, Jon Dobbin, Elizabeth Whitten, Peter Foote, Chantal Boudreau, Ellen Curtis, Finnan Beaton, Christopher Walsh, Lisa Daly, Jeff Slade, Michelle Churchill, Ryan Belbin, Nicole Little, Brad Dunne, David Rimmington, Heather Nolan, Gareth Mitton, Shannon Green and Ali House for the 2019 Dystopia on the Rock collection! We still have award-winning and prolific authors in the genre to announce! Who will join them? Stay tuned and Never Look Back!

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