“One Up, One Down” by Sara Burke |Short Story Winner

Even, excited.
I looked inside.

I know better now.
Never trust a mysterious door.
Especially in the woods.
I did once.
Never again.
Curiosity is dangerous.
I found something unexplained.
Nothing in front, nor behind.
The door to a giant land.
I couldn’t believe my eyes at first.
I stepped onto a football field sized desk.
Bits of paper and matches scattered about.
A glass of whiskey lay to one side.
My heart pounded with fear and excitement.
Cautiously I crept among the debris.
I picked up a cane sized match.
I swung it around in amazement.
What else could be here?
Buttons the size of plates.
Rope-like thread spools.
Buckets of dust.
And thunder.

Boom, boom, boom.

No, footfalls.

Fear welled inside.
I ran, I hid.
My match friend with me.
The giant entered, and began searching.
He knew I was here.
I had to run.
Now or never.
Heart pounding.

He saw me.
Slamming fists, attempting murder.
To him I’m a pest.

I see the door.
I bolt to the wood frame.
Barrel fingers slam into the closed door.
I slump against the dark wood.
A white knuckled match clinger.
I strike the match.
Flames burst free.
Crackle, crackle.

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Words © 2018 Sara Burke. Image © 2018 Kit Sora.

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