“Bubbly” by Sara Burke | Short Story Winner

In the end it was probably not the best idea to ship a person across country in safety wrap, but it was certainly cheaper.

As with everything, we must start at the beginning, as She did. Every bauble and bit, meticulously made was at first a tiny thought stretched over hours, days, weeks. Her bright tousled hair danced happily with her smile as she wrapped her creations for shipment. Her hands were rough from work, but it was a labour of love. She did well, except when she didn’t. Few complained, but those few hung heavy on her heart.

Ignorance sneers, “That cost is too much!” Or “I could make that myself!”

And her silence screams, “Then why don’t you!”

She got by on her craft, and her craft was her life. One day as she wrapped a trinket in a swath of bubbles, while her heart was still full, she decided that she too should travel. But, how? She scarcely had disposable income, but the thought had been thought, and now she had to make it work. After hours, and days, and weeks she thought. The planes, trains, and boats all cost a pretty penny. Ah, but shipping, that is much less! She gathered her bubbles and boxes and created a vessel to ship herself somewhere nice. She called the courier, put postage on the box, and hopped inside.

For hours it sat on her step.


Pop, pop, pop.

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Words © 2018 Sara Burke. Image © 2018 Kit Sora.

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