Patreon Update: Support Engen Books! | How you can help

Matthew LeDrewHey everyone, Matthew LeDrew here, founder and partner at Engen Books. I just wanted to thank all our amazing fans for a spectacular year thus far in 2018. In only five short months we’re doubled our output and page views, made Amazon bestsellers of multiple titles, and made strides toward bringing you even more amazing books in the coming months, starting next month with Amanda Labonté’s anticipated sequel to Call of the Sea, Drawn to the Tides.

All that said, we’re always looking for ways to expand and one of the efforts we started in 2018 was the Engen Books Patreon. Patreon is a platform for artists, authors, and other creatives to get income for their work and for users, dubbed Patrons, to get extra content such as free books, discounts when purchasing books and eBooks, input and behind the scenes information. We didn’t set a “monetary goal” when we started: we want to build a network, and our goal is to reach 100 Patrons, even if it’s only at the $1.00 a month level!

We use this money to fund community-building projects like the Kit Sora Flash Photography Challenge, as well as explore new and untested authors, produce more of our popular short-story collections, and continue to grow the Newfoundland and Labrador genre community as best we can! Becoming a Patron also gives you a voice in what we do and how we use those dollars.

If you have even $1 a month to spare, we promise we will put it to good use ❤

Our Patreon:

If you don’t, other ways to help local authors include reviewing their work on Amazon and Goodreads, or locally on your blog and sharing it on our platforms. Reviews are the lifeblood of this industry, and are a part of what allows new readers to find our products.

However you help, either by donating, reviewing, or just remaining a loyal reader: we want to say: THANK YOU from the entire Engen Books team!

Special thanks to our existing Patrons, FictionFirst Bookstore, author Carolyn Parsons, Liz LeDrew Photography, author Jeff Slade, and Monolithic Studios!

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