Revolutionary new publishing idea… or Ooops, misprint apology :/

errorIt’s hard to get people to read two things: the closing credits of movies, and the acknowledgements of a paperback book. Ten years ago Marvel Studios had the brilliant idea of post-credits scenes and since then people stay to the very last minute of genre film credits now… so we thought, “How can we make people read the acknowledgements of a paperback novel?” The Engen Staff came up with a genius solution: insert them directly into the meat of the text. Put it mid-sentence, heck even mid-WORD and people will have to read it. Clearly, this will become a trend that takes the publishing world by storm. The revolutionary idea will first appear in Supernatural Causes: The Complete First Season print edition.

Either that or it’s an annoying gaff we only just caught, a few weeks before we go to our biggest convention of the calendar year. :/

“It’s an error, and it’s definitely mine,” said Engen Books founder Matthew LeDrew. “All our books go through me one last time before they’re sent to the printers. I clearly managed to copy/ paste something in an inopportune spot and didn’t get caught. Nobody to blame but me.”

The error occurs on page 72, in the first paragraph of Chapter Nine. In the middle of the word “strode.”

“The mistake has already been corrected at the printers, so anyone who wants to order the collection online through retailers like Amazon don’t need to worry,” assured LeDrew. Only the twenty-or-so copies that will be on-sale at Sci-fi on the Rock 2018 will be affected.

The affected copies will have a note attached apologizing for the misprint, as well as some extra Supernatural Causes goodies for anyone who picks up that misprint edition, and a percentage off the cover price. Those who get the misprint will be lucky to know they got one of the first twenty copies in existence! 🙂

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