Cover Tease: Chillers from the Rock!

Engen Books is proud to announce that the Newfoundland artist working with us this year for our From the Rock cover in none other than Kit Sora of Kit Sora Photography!

The cover this year is a practical shot, taken in the eerie overhanging forests that surround St. Johns. A team comprised of Kit Sora, Drew Power, Matthew LeDrew, and Ellen Curtis made it out to a particularly creepy passage of the woods in late January armed with smoke bombs and blood that Kit swears was fake.

“Fog is such a natural part of like in Newfoundland that works so well with the Chillers theme, it seemed silly not to incorporate it,” said LeDrew.

Power braved the minus-degree temperatures (and got much of the fake blood frozen to him) in order to achieve the shot.

Chillers from the Rock launches March 28 and includes the work of Dale Jarvis, Kelley Power, Teresita E. Dziadura, Paul Carberry, Anastacia Hopkins, Jon Dobbin, Bronwynn Erskine, Peter Foote, Chelsea Bee, Sam Bauer, Ali House, Shannon Green, Michelle Churchill, Jeff Slade, Chantal Boudreau, Matthew Daniels, Maggie Carroll, Lynn Reicker, Eryn Heidel & Matthew LeDrew! Stay tuned for more details!

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