Matthew LeDrew announced as a ‘Chillers from the Rock’ author!

FaithEngen Books is happy to announce that one of the established authors joining the 2018 From the Rock team will be none other than Engen Books’ founder, Matthew LeDrew!

A native Newfoundlander, LeDrew holds an Honours Degree in English from the Memorial University of Newfoundland with a minor in Anthropology and studied Journalism at College of the North Atlantic in Stephenville, Newfoundland. He has worked with Transcontinental Publishing as well as student-youth magazine The Troubadour.

He has written over a dozen books in the ‘Chillers’ genre, including the bestselling Black Womb series of ten books, Reptilia, and the ever-popular The Tourniquet Reprisal.

LeDrew is bringing two stories to the Chillers from the Rock collection. The first is a spine-tingling tale called The Lakehouse, which features a mysterious building in an abandoned Newfoundland town. The second, titled Flickers in the Night, is a story that takes place within the Engen Universe — in fact is a side-story within the Xander Drew series itself — and takes place not long after the events of 2017’s Faith.

One more author will be joining Dale Jarvis, Teresita E. Dziadura, Paul Carberry, Anastacia Hopkins, Jon Dobbin, Bronwynn Erskine, Peter Foote, Chelsea Bee, Sam Bauer, Ali House, Shannon Green, Michelle Churchill, Jeff Slade, Chantal Boudreau, Matthew Daniels, Maggie Carroll, Lynn Reicker, Eryn Heidel & Matthew LeDrew for the 2018 Chillers on the Rock collection, to be launched March 28 2018!

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