Gold and Steel Saga

Gold & Steel finds a new home at Engen Books!

gold and steel, as fierce as steel, christopher walshEngen Books is proud to announce that, in a recent deal, it can now count the Gold & Steel Saga by Christopher Walsh as one of its many impressive titles.

Engen Books has been proud to work with members of the independent writing & publishing community for years and had cultivated a strong relationship with Mr. Walsh, with his short story spinoffs of Gold and Steel appearing in multiple From the Rock editions.

Christopher Walsh is an author from Brigus South, Newfoundland. Over the past six years, Chris has been crafting the massive world of Gold & Steel and putting together what will be his first entries into the even bigger world: As Fierce as Steel, Stealing Back Freedom, In Defense of Our Home, and The City that Hid from Time Itself.

As Fierce as SteelAs Fierce as Steel by Christopher P. Walsh

As Fierce as Steel is the inaugural entry into the world of Gold & Steel, a new fantasy series from Canadian author, Christopher Walsh. It is centered around the lives of two women, those of the Lady Orangecloak and Lady Marigold Tullivan. One is the leader of a brave group of young men and women in open rebellion of their government. The other was born into that patriarchal world and destined for greatness, as a trophy wife, a fate she will do anything to alter.

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