Paul Carberry announced as a ‘Chillers from the Rock’ author!

003The epic author of the acclaimed Zombies on the Rock series, Paul Carberry, lends his considerable expertise in the chillers genre as one of the authors in the upcoming 2018 anthology, Chillers from the Rock.

Carberry’s Zombies on the Rock: Outbreak and its sequel, Zombies on the Rock: The Viking Trail have seen incredible popularity since moving to Engen Books, the sequel debuting at #45 on Amazon dot com’s list of Zombie fiction in December. The books have also seen wide acclaim from within the Newfoundland writing community, and are seen as the prime example of the meshing of Newfoundland culture with the broader global pop-culture atmosphere.

Carberry brings his two new short stories “Halloween Mummers” and “Werewolf,” a departure from his typical Zombie-fare that brings us the Newfoundland genre-spins that Carberry is famous for.

Carberry has received high praise since the release of his first novel, and is currently hard at work on its sequel.

“[Carberry] draws in his readers from the first page, effortlessly providing the tension and fear necessary to create his terrifying apocalyptic tale.”
~ Fiona Cooke Hogan, author of What Happened In Dingle

“This is truly masterful suspense by Carberry, who clearly understands that suspense occurs when the reader knows something the character does not.”
~ Matthew LeDrew, author of Cinders, Black Womb, and Infinity.

Seventeen other authors will be joining Dale Jarvis, Teresita E. Dziadura, and Paul Carberry for the 2018 Chillers on the Rock collection, to be launched in late March! Who will join them? Stay tuned and Never Look Back!

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