Looking Ahead to 2018 | Engen Books

2017 was a crazy, nonstop roller-coaster ride of a tenth anniversary year here at Engen Books, but if anyone thought that we were going to shift down a gear in 2018 they guessed wrong! 2018 is looking like it’s going to to be the biggest year yet for Engen Books, with new titles, new authors, and new entire divisions of our company starting to peak over the horizon!

We can’t say much about some of these deals until the contracts are finalized and the ink is dry, but here’s a brief look at what we can tell you is in store from Engen Books in 2018:

Chillers from the Rock

Chillers from the Rock: Our third annual collection of short stories releases in late March, just in time for this years Sci-Fi on the Rock convention celebration. We can’t reveal who is going to be in the collection yet, but we can tell you there’s going to be twenty amazing authors with stories designed to delight, frighten, and excite. We got more submissions this year than any year prior, meaning that those that made it are the cream-of-the-crop: with only the best of the best of Newfoundland Genre Fiction represented.


Call of the Sea 2: Return to the Depths: After the massive success and acclaim of 2015’s Call of the Sea and it’s second edition in 2017 through Engen Books, Amanda Labonté returns to the Cape Shore with her new novel expanding on the story of Alex and Ben, and revealing more about the mysterious merrow culture that exists just beneath the depths.

Touch Your Nose: Described as “The most off-beat spy thriller ever” by author Matthew LeDrew, Touch Your Nose takes the reader to a previously unseen corner of the Engen Universe: a place filled with lies and double-crosses, intrigue, politics, and manipulation. What link does new character Simon Monk have to the rest of the Engen Universe? And what terrible secret will his investigations unearth?

“A fascinating dive into the Engen Universe that was sorely in need of expansion,” Sam Bauer, author of Precious Pieces Unknown, early review.

light dark engen books

Dark|Light: The second book of Engen Universe short stories, after Light/Dark in 2012. To feature original stories by up-and-coming author extraordinaire Matthew Daniels, Engen editor-in-chief Erin Vance, Partner Ellen Curtis, Engen founder Matthew LeDrew, and many more! Sure to shed new light on the Engen Universe and how it works!

After Dark Vapors: Engen Books is proud to announce, for the first time, that a new masterpiece of modern horror will be unveiled in October 2018: After Dark Vapors, the first novel by Brad Dunne. The novel centers around a violent and destructive werewolf living in urban Newfoundland, with the narrative slipping back and forth between the harrowing events of the present and the disturbing original sin of Newfoundland culture which birthed the curse it arose from.

“Absolutely stunning and pulse pounding. The prose is beautiful and thought provoking, every scene a painting of words that terrifies and inspires in equal measure. There’s truly nothing like this on the shelves.” — Matthew LeDrew, author of Black Womb and Jacobi Street.

Whew! And that’s not even all! We’ve got a ton more annoucments coming your way, so stay tuned and sign up to our newsletters (below!) to stay up to date! Never Look Back!

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