Do I have a novel in me?

Can Peter Foote write a novel? We think so, and we can;t wait to see it! ❤

I decided to jump into the deep end and signed up for NaNoWriMo, and I’m a bit freaked out!

Between real life job, big responsibilities at the lodge, my part-time bookstore, spending the first weekend of November at my fiance’s house for our monthly visit, can I REALLY write 50,000 words?

Honestly? I kind of doubt it, but I’m going to try.

Now, I’m not trying to be self-effacing, nor am I fishing for compliments (though feel free to toss me some if you want), but I realize that I might not be ready to “win” and I’m ok with that. Up to this point, I’ve limited myself to short stories in the 3000 – 6000 word range, can I do 10x that?

Now for some of your cynical types (you know who you are), you might be saying “He’s giving up before it even starts”. Instead, I’m looking at it…

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