Great reviews keep coming in for Jacobi Street!

Great reviews keep coming in for Jacobi Street, the August release from Matthew LeDrew! The Youtube channel Coates and Jackets did an excellent piece on it (above), and a reader named Jeff wrote the following insightful piece on Goodreads on October 30 2017:

Full disclosure: I’ve never read anything in the Engen Universe before, nor anything by Matthew Ledrew for that matter, save for his three entries in Sci-Fi From The Rock (2016). Also, my only interactions with the author were observing him at the last few The Most Dysfunctional Writing Panel Ever panels at Sci-Fi On The Rock (and I hope he’s recovered from his laryngitis).

Given all the above, I was a tad trepidatious going into this offering; would I be lost without prior EU knowledge? Can this guy really write an interesting horror story?

The answers to those questions are a resounding no and absolutely, respectively.
Jacobi Street was exactly what I was looking for, a great story that required almost precisely as much free time as I had to read this past week (which, sadly, wasn’t as much as I’d like). I wanted to read something thematic for Hallowe’en, without a ton of gore and violence, but interesting just the same. This hit the spot, with its psychological horror revealed bit by bit in perfect fashion. I found myself reading “just one more chapter” several times over the past few days, until I steamrolled through the last 10 or so last night and into the wee hours this morning.

The author does an impressive job introducing and fleshing out his cast of characters, especially given the relatively short length of this work. I was left with a solid mental picture of each of them, and was completely invested in the protagonist’s relationship with his partner, as well as his work relationship with his boss and those with his colleagues. Likewise, the titular street itself had a ton of life breathed into it, and if I close my eyes I can picture the gallery and its infamous painting.

As I was reading I kept an eye out for the twist I surely expected would come. I was still pleasantly surprised by what followed, which I won’t spoil here, but it was very well done, again especially given the length of the work itself. We’re all heard of the theological question about “how many angels can dance on the head of a pin?”; here, Ledrew shows us how much evil he can evoke between the four corners of a page. Turns out it’s more than enough to thrill and chill any reader, horror lover or not.

In short, if you’re looking for a good psychological horror story to read, do not pass this one up. It’s picture perfect.

High praise! We’re very happy that the little book named Jacobi Street is being so well received, as we very much fell in love with those characters as well during its publication process! 🙂 Keep those reviews coming, we love hearing them. ❤

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