zombies on the rock paul carberry

The Good, The Bad and The Zombie # 2

Thanks for tuning into the second edition of The Good, The Bad and The Zombie.

The Good

We are only one week away from Atlanti-Con 6. In just seven days at the Corner Brook Civic center at 5 pm the doors will open. Then the opening ceremonies will take place at 5:30 and that’s just the beginning of a great weekend. It’s going to be a wonderful con so make sure you get out and take part in the fun. We have JG Hertzler and D.C. Douglas attending this year along with fan favorites Fat Apollo and Kevin St. Pierre returning. The vendors room will be bigger and better than ever with more tables to visit. The wide range of fun and exciting panels will offer something for everyone so make sure you take the time to enjoy the ones you want to see. Make sure you bring water with you because it can be a long day and with all those people it tends to get a little warm at any convention, especially if you decide to wear your favorite cosplay. So remember come on down to the Civic Center next Friday for Atlanti-Con. Remember to have fun and respect all those around you. Cosplay does not mean consent.

The Bad

The terrible weather that’s taking place. The destruction of so many peoples homes and lives has been devastating. Nature can be a beautiful thing put it can also be extremely powerful and dangerous. Thousands of peoples lives have been forever changed in the matter of only a few days and now they must find a way to rebuild. Hurricane Irma has already left a path of unimaginable destruction and it is far from over. It is scheduled to make landfall in the Florida Keys and is foretasted to be a category 5 hurricane. Hurricanes Katia and Jose will inevitably leave their mark as well. Lets thank all the first responders, red cross, military and all the people who will be risking their lives and those that have already risked their lives to help others.

The Zombie

This will be a big weekend for zombie lovers because AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead returns this Sunday. The second half of season three will begin and its sure to be filled with hordes of the shambling undead. Also season seven of The Walking Dead is now on Netflix if you feel the urge to binge watch it again or if you’ve been anxiously awaiting to find out who Negan feed to Lucille you now have your chance. If you haven’t played season one of Telltales The Walking Dead it is now available for free so pick it up. The tale of Lee and Clementine is one of the best stories from Robert Kirkman in his Walking Dead universe.

So until next week zombie lovers, stay on the side of the living and have fun watching people kill zombies.

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