zombies on the rock paul carberry

The Good, The Bad and The Zombie #1

Hello fellow zombie fans and welcome to my weekly blog about the good, the bad and of course, the zombie. Every Friday I plan to share my thoughts on something good, something bad and something that has come back to life.

The Good

The Con community has grown into something much larger than a science fiction convention. The first Con I attended was Atlanti-Con 2 and the reason I went was to see the guests and to buy some super cool, geeky merchandise. After attending several more of these conventions I still look forward to seeing all the awesome stuff available from all my favorite vendors but that isn’t the reason I go any more. The con weekends are about so much more. For three days it becomes an escape from the hectic work weeks and an escape into a fantastical world where I go to see all my friends that I only get to see during these conventions. It is almost like getting the family together for Christmas. You get to catch up with everyone and learn about what they’ve been up too in the real world. I spend most of my day wandering from table to table talking to everyone, sharing a laugh or learning about what everyone’s been up to since the last convention. So I would like to share my good experience at Avalon Expo 3 with you all just in case you couldn’t make it. Matthew Ledrew’s newest release, Jacobi Street launched this past Friday and I can tell you it could be his darkest work yet. I was lucky enough to read it before it was released (Thanks Matt) and I can still feel  the chill running up my spine. It’s a hard book to put down and I will soon post my full review. I was excited to see a new book on Charles O’Keefe’s table. A collection of short stories called The Chaos Stories: Tales of Magic, Terror, Passion and Blood. I can’t wait to pick up my very own copy. As always Scott Bartlett was hard at work and I am currently reading Supercarrier: The Ixan Prophecies Trilogy Book 1 so stay tuned for my views about his latest military sci fi adventure. Unfortunately Heather Reilly was under the weather so I had to avoid her like the plague but I know shes working on something great so I look forward to Atlanti-Con in two weeks. Starting to freak out because ATLANTIC CON 6 IS IN 2 WEEKS. I absolutely can not wait for my home town convention and, in my biased opinion, the best Con in Atlantic Canada!

The Bad

My grammer. It is possibly my greatest weakness in life. It is awful and for any editor (Sorry Erin Vance, you deserve so much better) is more horrifying than my actual writing. If I was in school at Springfield Elementary when they started handing out warnings for poor academic performances I would have been up there instead of Ralph and it would have been me that said “Me fail english, thats unpossible.” While my first novel could have used another round of editing I feel much better knowing that the editor in chief of Engen Books, the extremely talented Erin Vance, has edited the next book in my series. Which will lead us into…..

The Zombie

Zombies on the Rock Book 2: The Viking Trail will be released on December 1st if everything falls into place over the next few weeks. I apologize to anyone who’s been waiting since reading Outbreak to find out what happens next but I needed to be sure this book lived up to the first book. Having the book edited to a higher standard was high on my priority list and it is something I am very proud to say is in the hands of a real professional this time around. I also wanted to make sure I kept the elements of horror, mystery and action remain of the highest quality. I believe that not only will this book keep the same intensity and goriness that you expect from Hollywood but do it in a unique way that will keep you turning the pages. So until next week zombie lovers stay on the side of the living. Oh and one last thing before I go….I’ll leave this as a little mystery until next time.17200605_10155429134080715_1104807571_o

Zombies on the Rock, Paul Carberry

One thought on “The Good, The Bad and The Zombie #1”

  1. It seems like we’re very similar Paul, my grammar is also my weakest point (imo), and Con’s are like a family gathering, only without the drunken Uncle yelling at the lamp, or is that only my family?

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