Getting Edited! | The Writer’s Block | Avalon Expo

Now that your manuscript is done, get advice on the often overlooked stage of the writing process: editing! Led by three of the genre communities most prominent editors, Erin Vance, AJ Ryan, and Heather Reilly, this panel will take you through how to get an editor, the types of editing, and how to manage the feedback you get from your editor.

Join us Sunday, August 27 from 11am-12:15pm at the Avalon expo Writer’s Block to learn more about this important part of the publishing process! 🙂

The Writer’s Block will be a series of panels arranged in chronological order for those keeping notes, with the first panels on Friday being aimed towards coming up with ideas and starting your manuscript, and the final panels on Sunday being about getting your work published! We’re going to take you through it all!

In total, The Writer’s Block will be nearly twenty-three hours of writing-and-publishing related help, of the sort that would normally be valued at hundreds of dollars, all for the low-cost of an Avalon Expo 3 ticket.

Avalon Expo 3 Costs:
Friday: $20
Saturday: $25
Sunday: $25
Child Weekend: $5
Regular Weekend in Advance: $40
Regular Weekend at the Door: $45
Infinity Weekend: $175 (only available in advance)

Stay tuned here to Engen Books and on the Avalon Expo Facebook page as every few days we peel back one of the blacked-out slots on the banner above and reveal one of the epic courses that will be taking place, with some that will surprise you… including a Top Secret event that everyone’s going to want to attend 😉

Happy Writing! Hope to see you all there!


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