World Building & Maps with Dr. Christopher Lockett | The Writer’s Block

Dr Christopher LockettDr. Christopher Lockett of Memorial University returns his lecture on World Building and Maps by popular demand from 3:00-3:50PM on Saturday, August 26th during the Avalon Expo Writer’s Block!

Dr. Lockett is an associate professor of English at Memorial University of Newfoundland. He is originally from Toronto, and did is PhD at the University of Western Ontario. Though his main area of specialization is twentieth century American literature, his enthusiasms (academic and otherwise) range widely into film and television, fantasy, cultural studies, and the ongoing definitions of humanism. His blog, found here, is his space to talk about pretty much anything that he wants, and of late has been a dissection of Game of Thrones (written with author Nikki Stafford) which has caused a brief stir on Twitter.

The discussion will be perfect for those authors or fans looking for insight into the importance of maps and constructing the world your characters inhabit in genre fiction.

The Writer’s Block will be a series of panels arranged in chronological order for those keeping notes, with the first panels on Friday being aimed towards coming up with ideas and starting your manuscript, and the final panels on Sunday being about getting your work published! We’re going to take you through it all!

In total, The Writer’s Block will be nearly twenty-three hours of writing-and-publishing related help, of the sort that would normally be valued at hundreds of dollars, all for the low-cost of an Avalon Expo 3 ticket.

Avalon Expo 3 Costs:
Friday: $20
Saturday: $25
Sunday: $25
Child Weekend: $5
Regular Weekend in Advance: $40
Regular Weekend at the Door: $45
Infinity Weekend: $175 (only available in advance)

Stay tuned here to Engen Books and on the Avalon Expo Facebook page as every few days we peel back one of the blacked-out slots on the banner above and reveal one of the epic courses that will be taking place, with some that will surprise you… including a Top Secret event that everyone’s going to want to attend 😉

Happy Writing! Hope to see you all there!



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