Engen Books at NGX 2017 this weekend!

Matthew DanielsThe Engen Books 10th Anniversary Tour continues this weekend, July 21 – 23, 2017, at the Newfoundland Gaming Expo, hosted by Sandbox Gaming at Memorial University! This is continuing our busiest year of operation ever, in which no month has gone by without a show, event, or major announcement: and there’s more to be made yet! We’ve just added more dates to our 2017 tour and we can’t wait to share them with you!

This will be the fourth Newfoundland Gaming Expo! Expect bigger, better, and more games than anyone can play in just one weekend! There will be rooms for both casual and tournament play; for Video Games, Board Games, and Trading Card Games. Plus, Workshops, Vendors, and much more for all ages! The expo will take places in various rooms at the campus! 10% of ticket sales will go towards our 2017 charity fund with the rest paying for expenses and future events! All work is done by volunteers!

Gamers and readers have a lot of crossover, more than traditional publishers tend to estimate, and we at Engen Books relish any opportunity to meet and interact with our fans and potential new readers! This will be our second event at MUN this summer after sponsoring the Small-Island Culture Conference in mid-June.

On hand for the entire weekend will be Ellen Curtis, author of the Infinity series and editor of the mega-popular From the Rock anthology series, as well as contributor for the Newfoundland Quarterly website. Saturday only Amanda Labonté (Call of the Sea, Supernatural Causes) will be present to sign books and meet with people, and will have free downloads of her new novella Supernatural Causes available — just ask her! Sunday only Matthew LeDrew, author of the Black Womb and Xander Drew series will be available to meet and answer any writing questions available. We’ll also be meeting with indie game designers and content creators to discuss different ways to expand our wide selection of properties.

NGX is especially wonderful for fans of the From the Rock series, as its members and volunteers have proven to be some of the most prolific and respected short story authors in the province, such as Melanie Collins (Woven by the Thief & A Letter to the Seekers) and Matthew Daniels (pictured above) (Healer’s Hoards & Living and Learning).

Engen Books will be at NGX from 9am-6pm Saturday, and 9am-630pm Sunday. Please stop by to chat and pick up any of our selected titles: help make sure 2017 continues to be a banner year so that we can bring even more titles and even more new authors in this province to you!! ❤

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