The Six Elemental by Ali House

Dude, Where’s My Character Sheet…? (AKA I am the worst at titles)

I have a very long To-Do List when it comes to writing projects. It’s so long that I’ve had to separate it into sub categories:

  • Ideas to develop further
  • Stories to start writing
  • Plays to start writing
  • Stories/Plays I’ve started writing and need to finish
  • Finished works I need to edit
  • What even is this idea/story/play and where is it going?

And, finally:

  • Reference binders to create

Why bother creating a reference binder? some of you might ask.

Partly it’s because my brain can only hold so much information, and most of that space is taken up with knowledge on how to defeat every creature in Supernatural (I have my priorities).

And partly it’s because I recently created a really cool Erikson Family tree that had to be entirely re-done once I realized that I’d referred to Magnus (I) as someone’s great-grandfather and not their great-great-grandfather. (*le sigh*)

Now that I’m writing more stories set in Segment Delta, I’m desperately trying not to contradict myself (because I’m totally the kind of person who gets bothered by continuity errors). See, in the beginning I didn’t think too hard about the descriptions I threw in, because the book was supposed to be a one-off. Character needs an eye colour? Pick one at random. Need a location for a building? Let’s put it in the South end. Do pets exist in this world? Um… I’ll think about that later*…

But when I began writing a short story about characters that appear in The Six Elemental, the amount of times I had to refer back to the book (re: eye colour, hair colour, element) was ridiculous. If only there had been a handy character sheet to refer to…

So, in order to save myself further trouble, I’m going to take a few days and create The Ultimate Segment Delta Reference Guide! Maybe it’s a bit overkill, but I’m a nerd. (Did I mention that I was once bribed with office supplies?)

It’ll have character sheets, island maps, building locations, timelines, and anything else I find myself needing. Then, when I need to find out what eye colour I gave a certain character, or where the nearest pizza place is, I’ll have it on file!

But, like, a computer file. Not an actual paper file.

(No binders were harmed in the making of this post.)


*They have some pets on The Centre, but not in any of the Segments. Yet.

One thought on “Dude, Where’s My Character Sheet…? (AKA I am the worst at titles)”

  1. As a formal D&D player, I’ve been working with character sheets for my epic fantasy series for years. I have them on the computer, but I have a few main characters printed off. The maps are also printed/drawn, and they are pinned behind my computer, so I can refer to them easily. And then there are the old business cards stuck along the edge. On the blank backs, I’ve drawn characters, store fronts, houses and important items, so in a glance, I can see them. I love this stuff, so these things are part of the adventure.

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