Vacant Chairs | Linda Blagdon

Vacant Chairs Linda Blagdon

Vacant Chairs by Linda Blagdon

Sixty-Eight poems from native Newfoundlander Linda Blagdon that highlight both the struggles and joys of growing up in Newfoundland. These poems reflect on the nature of family and friends, based on Blagdon’s own experience or stories passed down via the Newfoundland oral tradition. Ranging from humorous to tragic, and from inspirational to personal, ‘Vacant Chairs’ provides a window into the depth of one woman’s experience of Newfoundland culture, tradition, and faith.



Title Information:

ISBN: 978-1926903408
Release Date: June 25, 2017
Status: Available
Book Type: Electronic / Print
Cover Price: EBook: $1.99
Page Count: 72

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Named a Bestseller in Canadian Poetry by! – September 12, 2017 (link to Telegram article, external link)


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