Jacobi Street cover revealed!

Jacobi StreetOn May 31 we let it slip that we would be releasing a novel on August 25 at Avalon Expo 3, and now there’s finally a cover image to go along with the newest novel from Matthew LeDrew, Jacobi Street.

LeDrew returns to his horror roots with this supernatural thriller stand-alone novel that sheds light on the most dangerous and disturbing corners of the Engen Universe, one only lightly touched on until now in works such as Inner Child, At Midnight The Dawn, and Scarlett.

The novel will be the last to take place during ‘Black September,’ the loose collection of events that span Black Womb, Infinity, Transformations in Pain and the short story Revving Engen.

“I’ve been tinkering with this novel for a few years now,” said LeDrew, on his first work to come out as part of Engen’s tenth anniversary. “I got inspired while participating in a creative writing seminar, which are great hubs for idea generation. The idea for it bounced around for a while until I realized it might come out in time for the tenth anniversary, which was the extra meme I needed to push it forward. It would be a callback to what got us started — what put us on the map for our readers — a short, suspenseful horror with lots of twists, turns, and lovable characters.”

“If you’ve been a fan of my work since the beginning and lament my attempts at being ‘mature’ in Cinders and Sinister Intent, this book should bring a smile to your face.”

Jacobi Street will launch in print and digital editions August 25, 2017 as a part of Avalon Expo 3, alongside special guests Colin Baker (Doctor Who) and Sean Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy).

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