The Six Elemental by Ali House

The Six Elemental | Review by Christopher Walsh

the-six-elemental_fireworksThe Six Elemental is suspenseful and engaging YA novel by Ali House. It’s so engaging that I started reading it in the airport in Windsor, Ontario en route to Newfoundland and had it nearly finished by the time the plane touched down in St. John’s. That included a flight change in Toronto!

The setting and plot are both realized quite well and the political spectrum of the island nations has surprising depth for a YA novel. (Or at least the ones I’ve read) The main character, Kit Tyler is brought to life quite vividly and her journey through the fantastical, dystopian world filled with magical super-humans delves into subjects that run parallel to issues faced by young adults in our own world.

Kit finds herself working with a cast of characters who each stand out in their own right and the events that unfold around these six touches on several genres at once that are woven together in artful fashion. Within the pages you will find mystery, romance, thrilling action, fantasy elements and what I call an early sci-fi setting and Ali uses each just enough so that neither overshadows the other and defines the book by one genre.

There were a few things that I nitpicked to myself as I read, but upon completion of the book and reflection, I realized that those minor issues were not with the author or the material, but rather because I am not the intended audience. So, in my review, I rated it in how I would have enjoyed it as a young adult. In that regard, I would fully recommend it to YA readers across the board. It has something for everyone and a story that will keep you wanting more.

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