Mischief managed: SciFi on the Rock update | Amanda Labonté

I was asked to write an update about my experience at SciFi on the Rock last weekend, but where do I even start?

For someone who had never attended the convention in full, I think the biggest surprise for me was how fast the time flew.  I thought the hours at the tables would creep by. But three days have never gone so quickly.

Going back and forth between the Writer’s Alliance of NL (WANL) community table and the Engen Books table in the vendor room, I got to meet and connect with so many readers and writers. I have always believed speculative fiction readers are some of the most devoted in existence and, after last weekend, I am even more convinced. The enthusiasm from the attendees truly made the conference for me.

Getting to hang out with other writers was also a lot of fun. There are many awesome authors of scifi, fantasy and paranormal fiction from all over the province, it was nice to see so many together in one place.

I am the non-pirate 😦

For me, the absolute highlight of the event was getting to do a panel with Heather Reilly on Writing Fantasy and Paranormal fiction. We had the absolute best time with the panel crowd. The questions were sincere, insightful, and well thought out. We really fed off the enthusiasm from the audience and I hope we get to do it again.

Convention crowd
Best crowd at the Con :)The

And it wasn’t just the literary crowd. I chatted with convention goers of all stripes.  In the end, even though I survived for three days on convention fries ($2 with or without gravy!) and very little sleep, it is now highly possible that I am hooked on the convention experience. Stay tuned for AvEx!




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