As Fierce as Steel by Christopher Walsh | Other Indie by Ali House

As Fierce as Steel by Christopher Walsh

As Fierce as Steel is the inaugural entry into the world of Gold & Steel, a new fantasy series from Canadian author, Christopher Walsh. It is centered around the lives of two women, those of the Lady Orangecloak and Lady Marigold Tullivan. One is the leader of a brave group of young men and women in open rebellion of their government. The other was born into that patriarchal world and destined for greatness, as a trophy wife, a fate she will do anything to alter.


If you’re a fan of epic stories with mythology, politics, interesting characters, and an imaginative world, then the Gold and Steel Saga should be on your reading list.

I’d best compare this book to the Lord of the Rings trilogy (but without the massive amounts of description) or Games of Thrones (but without the massive amount of characters to keep track of). My interest definitely picked up with Marigold’s chapter and didn’t lose any steam from then on. (Minor note: Marigold is not as prominent a character as Orangecloak, the Thieves, or Tryst, but she’s still pretty darn important.)

The politics of the world had me seething at times, and if I were to find myself in this world I’d be setting a lot of Towers of Ios on fire. As tired as I’m getting of reading about oppressed women, there were many female characters who were strong and intelligent, and I want to continue reading their stories.

The book is an epic read, and when I neared the end I found myself hesitating to pick it up simply because the second book’s not out yet.

‘Other Indie’ is a recurring series of articles on Engen Books in which authors highlight the best in independent publishing, in the hopes of helping readers break through the cluster of books they may not be sure about in an age when anyone can publish via digital formats. Engen Books is an independent small-press publishing company based in St. John’s Newfoundland and is proud to highlight the talent of independent authors not our own. As Fierce as Steel is © 2016 Christopher Walsh. This review is © 2017 Ali House.  ‘Other Indie’ banner photo credit: Steve Lake.


One thought on “As Fierce as Steel by Christopher Walsh | Other Indie by Ali House”

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    I own an autographed copy of Christopher’s novel, which is a truly beautiful book before you even open it.

    Once you do open it, and explore the world building and characters inside, you will be eagerly awaiting book two in the series.

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