Baddy Vinyl & Midnight Tailors | Other Indie

My Midnight Tailors and Baddy Vinyl haul.

The “Indie” in “Other Indie” typically means other independently produced works of fiction like novels, anthologies, comics, or movies, but it’s too easy to forget that there are more Indie Artists than that that work hard at the fringes of our medium and produce amazing products that elevate our own. So I’d like to take a second to shine a light on Baddy Vinyl and Midnight Tailors, two merchandise-creation companies from Newfoundland who take the art of imaginative apparel and glassware (respectfully) seriously.

Baddy Vinyl has been doing custom work for glasses, mugs, windows, cars decals, t-shirts, removable stickers for interior walls, and permanent stickers for signs or exterior walls for years now, and have delivered on the promise of “We can do whatever you can dream up” many times over. Their turnaround time is fantastic, they’re always helpful and happy to help, and have some of the most creative minds in the fabrication business that can take your idea and workshop it to fit the product you want it on.

Self-described as an “everything but normal family with many hobbies, fandoms, and passions, if you need something cool they’re the place to get it.

Unless that thing you need is a snazzy bow-tie, tie, night-mash or any other formal-ware apparel for the suave geek. Then you’ll wanna head over to Midnight Tailors.

Midnight Tailors offers an array of handcrafted one of a kind pieces and the option to work with our team to design something a little more personal, no matter how big or how small. And with our unique online store front, they can provide these services without you having to leave your home.

Midnight Tailors is run by David “Squid” Mullett and Shara Desiree King. Mullett, the grandson of Tony “The Tailor” Silver (owner of the famous Tony’s Tailor Shop in St. John’s Newfoundland), Dave was born with tailoring in his blood. He started working in the shop after grade school gathering up stray pins and learning the family trade. After 10 years of touring the world with his bands Bucket Truck & Shelter with Theives, Dave got back into the trade. Now he is joining forces with Shara and is ready to give you the custom experience.

Shara was unsatisfied with the outfits that Barbie came with as a child, and so decided to teach herself to sew. She discovered her fascination for fashion design and began making clothes for herself and her friends. She’s spent the past 10 years working in Television & Film all over Canada and has developed a love for costume design both in and out of the film industry. With her fascination with design combined with a unique approach to construction, Shara is the perfect person to make sure you stand out in a crowd.

These two have proven they can make just about anything and can work with you to suit your needs. They’re amazingly fun people, and we can’t wait to work with them on some very special projects soon. 🙂

Between Baddy Vinyl and Midnight Tailors there isn’t a nerd or Indie Publisher in the province that should be able to walk down the street or sip their coffee in style. 😉


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