The Six Elemental by Ali House

Cupcakes and Weaponry

A couple of days ago was my “Meet Your Fantasy From the Rock” entry.  It included some answers that I didn’t bother to elaborate on – although do you really need me to tell you why ‘defenestrate’ is such an awesome word?  (Matthew Daniels knows what I’m talking about.)

There are another couple other things about me that I’ll share today: I like weapons and I like baking.

Swords are my favourite, and I actually have a few of my own.  Vaughn uses a sword in The Six Elemental, and there’s a sword-wielding character in Honour (found in Fantasy From the Rock).  I like swords so much that while writing a story about modern-day assassins I decided to have a character who uses a sword (even though it’s not practical at all).  Honestly, I’d find a way to put swords into a romance novel if I could.

Baking is also awesome.  It’s calming and delicious (most of the time).  I also enjoy eating what I make, and people are most appreciative whenever I share the results.  Sometimes, if I’m having writer’s block, I’ll bake.  I don’t know if it helps, but it’s more productive than staring at a screen, writing one word and then deleting it immediately.

Rarely do I get to combine the two, but last summer I found a way – Deadly cupcakes.  I won’t say what they’re made of (blood of mine enemies*?), but they’re a delicious way to show someone that you’re adept with a whisk and a sword.

So, in honour of Fantasy From the Rock and all the amazing stories that will be within (whether they have weaponry or not), I raise a cupcake to all you writers and readers.

Inside view
An Assortment of delicious weaponry.


*Just kidding: they’re vanilla cupcakes with buttercream frosting and chocolate weapons. And the blood of mine enemies**.

A few hints for anyone who wants to replicate these: start with chocolate cupcakes (you’ll use much less black dye); do the chocolate work when it’s colder, because chocolate melts FAST when it’s warm; also, red food gel makes for much better blood.


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