April Fools | George RR & JRR team up for Fantasy from the Rock

We made the bulk of our Fantasy from the Rock announcements back in January, announcing veteran fantasy scribes like Christopher Walsh and Heather Reilly as part of the team, but we kept our largest announcement until the month-of-release!

Engen Books is proud to announce that it has worked out a deal with the estate of JRR Tolkien to bring one of his famed “Unfinished Tales” to life in this new volume that celebrates the fantasy genre. Even better, the tale has received a posthumous conclusion supplied by epic fantasy author George RR Martin!

“We’re so excited,” says Engen founder Matthew LeDrew. “To be working with George is incredible, and to bring one of the Unfinished Tales to life is the fantasy holy grail.”

When pressed for plot details, RR Martin said that: “All the characters you loved in The Lord of the Rings die. The hobbits are revealed to be a race whose slight stature have arisen from generational incest spanning multiple families beginning with the royal Brandybuch twins. The entire race is wiped out when a pie is poisoned and all the hobbits eat it anyway, and I spend thirty-two pages describing one meal.”

When asked what drew him to the project and Engen Books, Martin said: “It was either this or finish my sixth novel, and we both know that’s not happening.”

The short, titled “Curse of the Double R,” will feature in Fantasy from the Rock, released April 27 2017.

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