The FINAL Fantasy from the Rock author announced!

The wait is over! The eighteenth — and final — author to join the cast of 2017’s Fantasy from the Rock is…

chris walsh

Christopher Walsh! Christopher Walsh is an epic fantasy author from Brigus South, Newfoundland. His fantasy series, The Gold and Steel Saga, is one of the most ambitious works in the fantasy genre to ever come out of the province: an series of mammoth volumes that tell stories grand in scope in the prose style of Tolkien and Martin while promoting feminism and the fight for equality. In supplement to the planned seven novel series, Walsh pens short fiction to further flesh out his world. Last years From the Rock collection introduced the world in “Stealing Back Freedom” to much fanfare. This year Walsh brings with him two new stories set in the Gold and Steel Universe.

As a powerful voice in the Fantasy genre in Newfoundland, Walsh joins Heather Reilly (Binding of the Almatraek series) as the all-star authors of the Fantasy from the Rock collection, lending their talents and their extensive casts of characters to share the stage with our newer authors to promote exceptional young talent and give their voices a chance to be heard.

Engen Books would like to thank Christopher Walsh for his generous contributions to this year’s collection!


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