Nicholas Morine announced as a Fantasy from the Rock author!

kEngen Books is proud to announce that Nicholas Morine, the talented authors of Kowloon Walled City, 1984, Cavern, City in the Dark, and Punish the Wicked: a Dystopian Horror, will be the next author joining Heather Reilly, Katie Little, Sam Bauer and the rest of our all-star cast in Fantasy from the Rock!

Morine’s work is atmospheric and imaginative, taking readers to other realms of possibility within the scope of reality: he crafts his fiction by melding his intense academic study with his vast array of storytelling talents, using them in concert to build believable casts of characters, situations, and worlds.

He brings with him his short story “Seat Perilous.”

Morine has previously been published with both Problematic Press and Montag Press.

There are only two authors left to announce leading up to our April 2017 release, and one of them joins Heather Reilly as one of our all-star fantasy authors! Who could it be? Stay tuned! 🙂

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