Erin Vance returns to write for Fantasy from the Rock!

After making her fiction writing debut in the April 2016 collection Sci-Fi from the Rock with her short story Cast, Clutter, Pack, Murder, Engen Books’s own senior editor Erin Vance returns with an all-new story for this year’s collection.

Erin Vance, Editor
Erin Vance, Editor

Erin Vance is an editor and a graduate of the Memorial University of Newfoundland English Honors Program.

Erin wrote her Honors thesis paper, The Song of the Mockingjay, explored the nature of Katniss Everdeen’s agency in Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games series. She is creative, spiritual, and loves reading, writing, and anything to do with words.

Erin is an editor for Engen Books on a work-for-hire basis and is currently accepting proposals from more editing work in both copy and content from authors of all backgrounds and skill sets, subject to right-to-refusal and prices to be negotiated based on the amount of time each project is estimated to take. Potential authors wishing to work with Erin should write and allow up to four weeks for a response.

Since Sci-Fi from the Rock was published, Vance has continued advancing her career as a force to be reckoned with in Newfoundland genre and fantasy fiction, editing the urban fantasy thriller The Six Elemental,  getting her thesis published under the Engen Academia line, and becoming the editor for Newfoundland author Christopher Walsh’s epic fantasy series, The Gold and Steel Saga.


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