Cover Design Unveiled: Fantasy from the Rock!

promo_cover7_webAmid the flurry of announcements regarding the ever-expanding lineup of terrific talent in the April 2017 Fantasy from the Rock, it’s easy to forget that a great collection of authors needs a great cover to unify all those great stories under one banner! Last year we got some stellar mixed-medium work from Kyle Callahan of Kyle Callahan Photography, and this year he’s returned with a piece that emphasizes the Celtic fairy origins of fantasy storytelling in Atlantic Canada.

This beautiful piece combining multiple mediums was crafted by Kyle Callahan of Kyle Callahan Photography. It incorporates stunning photography with stylized computer-generated art to bring the themes of the natural wonder of fantasy into the heart of St. John’s Newfoundland, where the photo was taken. It also features design and sculpture work by Ellen Curtis, who designed the fairy model that was used in the photography.

“Kyle and Ellen worked together during a photo-shoot in the fall. The results are simply magical and show what Atlantic Canadian talent can do when we work together towards a common goal. ” said Matthew LeDrew, founder of Engen Books. “We’re exceptionally pleased with this.”

The cover itself wraps around, showing an enchanted forest that looks to be directly lifted from the fantasy world of JRR Tolkien — but is actually in the heart of St. Johns Newfoundland! We can’t show the back cover because there are still several important authors yet to be released, but so far these authors include Ali House, Heather Reilly, Dave Reynolds, Sam Bauer, and Shannon Green! More announcements to come in the weeks leading up to our April 1 2016 release!

Edited by Erin Vance and Ellen Curtis, the collection promises to delight fans of fantasy from anywhere!

Thanks again to Kyle Callahan for this amazing cover! Anyone needing any sort of photography work done should check out his website, and stay tuned to EngenBooks dot com as we bring more and more insights into the cover creation process and author news in the coming weeks!

kyle callahan photograpy

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