Heather Reilly announced as one of the all-star authors of Fantasy from the Rock!

Heather ReillyOne of the things that makes the From the Rock series great is its ability to pair new and up-and-coming talent with established, award-winning talent pre-established within the industry, helping them reach a new audience while providing a forum for new authors to get their stories told on a grand stage.

It is with that in mind that Engen Books is proud to announce one of our all-star ambassador authors of this year’s collection, fantasy author Heather Reilly!

Heather Reilly is the author of the Binding of the Almatraek medieval fantasy series, and has written and illustrated several whimsical books for children.  She is the proud recipient of the Noble Artist’s Author of the Month award for February 2015 for her short story that appears is set to appear in the Fantasy from the Rock anthology; In the Moonlight.

Heather Reilly currently teaches music in Newfoundland, Canada, where she lives with her husband, and three beautiful children.

In her next exciting novel, Foresight’s Flight, Lazelan and Wolfgang find themselves in a frantic race against a Carrier of Brightness that takes them deep into the dwarven cities of Mount Embalk. Creatures great and small, from sphinxes to mermaids try to aid the pair on their journey to the Almatraek Bright. Will they be able to find
its hiding place before the Carrier is able to abscond with it, making it
disappear forever? Find out in book four of the Binding of the Almatraek.

She brings with her her award-winning story In the Moonlight, as well as her new tale, Sihn Du. For more on her work, to to www.reillybooks.com.

 Binding of the Almatraek

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