The NL Book Tax: Not for our readers

img_0417This year Newfoundland — which Engen Books calls home — became the first province in Canada to put a tax on books, adding 10% to what consumers pay at the register for all literature, bringing the total up to 15%. This is the latest in a long line of attacks on literacy by the new government, from grant reductions to attempts to close over a third of the province’s libraries.

Engen Books is not a venue for political digressions — I try to keep my own personal politics out of this forum, at least as much as one can. I could speak to the ignorant ethnocentrism that leads to an administration to tax literacy, a move that will make education more expensive for those both learning for their own benefit and those learning in post-secondary education. There’s a lot I can say, but I’ll leave it for another venue at another time.

Engen Books will be absorbing the extra tax. We will not raise the price per-book for our customers and readers. The vast majority (currently all) of our books are $20.00 CAD tax included, and will remain as such — this just means that the portion the government takes of that “tax in” part will be more than it has been.

The Government has assured that this move is temporary. I would remind my readers that, historically, taxation itself was implemented as a ‘temporary measure’ that they just never decided to do away with.

Big box stores can ride out this measure, as can large publishers. Small-Press and locally-owned outlets will have a much harder times. Please continue to support Engen Books as well as you can as long as we continue to entertain and enrich you, as well as other independent publications such as Reilly Books, Mirth Publishing, and Problematic Press. Please also do your best to support our local retailers, Broken Books and Elaine’s Books, both located a stone’s throw from the War Memorial. Broken Books is currently carrying Sci-Fi from the Rock, while Elaine’s Books has graciously agreed to carry all Engen titles: at no additional cost to the consumer, still that same $20.00. Gift cards are available for Elaine’s Books as well, if you have someone in your life who enjoys literature, give them the gift of a new local experience. Check out Get Stuffed while you’re there, it’s the best food in the city.

We are Engen Books. We produce quality literature from the Atlantic Provinces. We do not limit the fine authors or readers of this region by genre or tone or voice. We’re not going away and we will not let the tax hike bully our readers out of their favorite series’.

To our fans: you’ve been good to us over the years. We’ve got this.

Never Look Back.

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