Melanie Collins revealed as first Fantasy from the Rock author!

Remember 2016? I know it’s hard, right? Seems like a long time ago. It was a more innocent time. Remember how, in the weeks leading up to Sci-Fi from the Rock, we teased a different reveal of which author was going to be in it each week, mixing up new authors with established authors with award winning authors so that there was a good mix and the hype kept building? Remember that?

Because Melanie Collins sure doesn’t.


In all fairness, we think the slow-reveal process had been starting to get to her. On the day the winners were supposed to (privately!) be sent their announcements, she messaged me on Facebook literally fifteen times in one hour. So maybe it’s all for the best. 🙂

So, without further hesitation (because really, why would we now? lol) Engen Books is proud to announce Melanie Collins returning to this year’s Fantasy from the Rock anthology with a new story, “Letter Ver.”

Melanie Collins
Melanie Collins

The incredibly funny and talented Melanie Collins seems to excel in all the diverse things she does. Melanie is an avid lover of science fiction, fantasy, cosplay, and gaming; and in 2005, co-founded Sci-Fi on the Rock.

In 2010, this down-to-Earth pet groomer added author to her list of credits when “Woven by the Thief” appeared to critical acclaim in the original Sci-Fi from the Rock anthology.

Since then, Melanie has continued trailblazing along the path of cool girl geekdom, kicking butt with 8 Limb Muay Thai in St. John’s, and doing some serious good for charity with local non-profit Sandbox Gaming.

Here is just a small sampling of the critical acclaim her first short story received:

“Melanie Collins was the last book to read and I wasn’t disappointed. Melanie Collins has a wonderful way with words. Reading the stories makes me want to write again.”
Jeremy Bulloch, Boba Fett, April 2010

“Melanie Collins’ Woven by the Thief is flowery, delicate – yet layered – fantasy that depicts the nighttime relationship between dreamer and dream-taker.”
Jay Paulin, Ink’d Well Comics; June 2011

“Melanie Collins has written a prose poem, [in] all sensibility, and I personally like and approve of it.”
John Robert Colombo, Colombo & Company, July 2010.

“An intriguing read. The idea that dreams can be harvested and weaved by the tooth fairy is fascinating, and the vagueness of this piece only adds to the mysterious atmosphere.”
Sam Bauer, ‘The Locket’ author, May 10 2016.


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