Fantasy from the Rock

Thank you all for submitting! | Fantasy from the Rock

Big thank-you to everyone who submitted their work for the 2017-releasing Fantasy from the Rock collection, which from the look of some of the talent we’ll be announcing in the coming weeks will be our best collection yet!

Anyone who applied should get an email letting them know if they made it in or not by January 7, 2017. Successful applicants should respond to that email — and agree to the terms that will be outlined in it — by no later than January 21 2017.

Erin Vance and Ellen Curtis will be hard at work over the next few days reading the newest submissions! We’d already had 15 or so stories that we thought were “sure things” before the deadline that had submitted early, but the amount of submissions nearly doubled in the final 24 hours before the deadline, so they have some work to do narrowing this down!

Good luck to everyone, an early congratulations to anyone who makes it in, and to anyone who doesn’t: don’t despair, sometimes your craft takes time, and be sure to submit again and request feedback from Ellen and Erin if you have questions! 🙂

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