Broken Books St. Johns

Engen Books available at Broken Books!

Sci-Fi from the Rock 2016
Sci-Fi from the Rock 2016

As a part of our buy local / support downtown initiative, Engen Books will now be available at Broken Books, the trendy coffee bar and bookshop of downtown St. John’s! Broken Books is a bookstore that offers up hand-brewed coffees and teas, baked goods, and quality books and magazines from some of the finest publishers around! Located at 183A Duckworth Street, right next to the War Memorial, it’s a perfect place downtown to chill out, grab a coffee and a snack at Fixed Coffee, and start your next favorite book. it’s open from 11am-7pm daily.

Because of limited space, Engen will be rotating the titles in stock. This month it’s this year’s surprise classic Sci-Fi from the Rock, featuring the prequel to The Six Elemental by Ali House, as well stories by Sam Bauer, Gold and Steel‘s Chris Walsh, Matthew LeDrew, Erin Vance, Jennifer Combden, renowned Canadian sci-fi legend Kenneth Tam, award-winning author Scott Bartlett, Tara Murphy, Jay Paulin, Melanie Collins, and the premiere story by both Matthew Daniels and Peter J. Foote, and much more! Not to be missed!

The collection is on sale at Broken Books now for $20, the same price as here on the Engen website and at our table! With the same amount of money you can support two great local businesses, have a great collection of new fiction, and feel good about your purchase! Pick one up today, and stay tuned to Engen Books as we announce future titles coming to Broken Books!

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