Just read ‘Flight from Dodge’… now what?

Sci-Fi from the Rock 2016
Sci-Fi from the Rock 2016

So you’re reading Sci-Fi from the Rock you just read Flight from Dodge, the preview to the first book in the cyberpunk satire series Out of Dodge by Scott Bartlett, and you’re wondering: what happens to Carl next? Where does the story go from here? Where can I get the rest of the series?

Fear not, “Flight from Dodge” was merely the first small snippet of a multi-volume work that will keep you interested for the foreseeable future. The first two novels in the series, Flight or Fight and Craven New World, are both available now, with more on the way!

Taking place in the city of Dodge, a governmentless, anarchic place where everything is run by private corporations, everybody hates their job, and everybody works to get on a plane to the “New World”, a place of peace and plenty. Early in the novel, the main character, Carl Intoever, is told he is the messiah of the only religion -that being Probabilism- and as such, is labelled “Schrodinger reborn.” The novel then chronicles his change from being desperate to “get out of Dodge” so he may fulfill his destiny in the new world to that of taking on the corrupt establishment of Dodge at great personal risk.

For daring to oppose the ruling corporations, Carl is shackled and escorted aboard one of the horrific prison barges – vessels designed to break those considered problematic by Dodgian society. Carl decides he will not be broken. Instead, he starts building a rebellion on the high seas. The barge captains are merciless, however, and if Carl isn’t careful, he might just get his lifelong wish: to live in the New World…

Craven New World is the second book in the Out of Dodge dystopian satire trilogy. If you like fast-paced fiction that paints a picture of a bleak but recognizable future, while making you laugh at the same time, then you’ll love this captivating series from a multi-award-winning author.

Get your copy today to find out what happens next in the breathtaking Out of Dodge series!

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