New covers for Call of the Sea and Zombies on the Rock!

Zombies on the Rock, Paul Carberry
Zombies on the Rock, Paul Carberry

The Engen Books launching in both digital and physical in late 2016, Zombies on the Rock: Outbreak by Paul Carberry and Call of the Sea by Amanda Labonté.

“We’re excited by these titles,” said Matthew LeDrew. “Between the two of them they show a broad spectrum of what Newfoundland authors have to offer, which is very important to us. Both take elements of popular culture within their concepts and set them against a Newfoundland backdrop, making for unique, interesting, and unpredictable consequences.”

Zombies on the Rock: Outbreak is an action-thriller by Corner Brook native Paul Carberry and was independently published via AuthorHouse, a self-publishing print-on-demand business based in the United States. It is set in the near future and stars an ensemble cast of likeable, identifiable characters as they deal with the very early onset of a zombie outbreak (hence the novel’s subtitle). Characters like Hank, Chris, Eric, and Cathy must navigate the astonishing and brutal landscape of this not-too-distant future in order to be among the survivors as the island of Newfoundland — and the entire world — is plunged into an apocalyptic nightmare.

Call of the Sea, Amanda Labonté
Call of the Sea, Amanda Labonté

Call of the Sea by Amanda Labonté is the story of twins Alex and Ben who, while at sea, get into a fight that leads to Ben’s  sudden disappearance.  Determined to find his brother, Alex begins the biggest adventure of his life, armed only with a mysterious musical talent and the help of a local girl named Meg. But his best hope just might come from the same place as a song he’s been hearing since childhood ― the alluring and dangerous girl he finds amidst the frothing ocean waves.

Praise for the novel includes: “A mysterious figure in the ocean, a suspicious loss in the waves, a riveting treasure hunt, and surprise after surprise, how could anyone not want to read this novel?” ~Alice Kuipers, author of 40 Things I Want to Tell You and Life on the Refrigerator Door.

Be sure to check back for both soon! 🙂

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