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light|dark gets a new look!

ld-new-editionThe April 2012 mega collection light|dark, which introduced the world to the enigmatic monster-hunter Scarlett, the Reptilia virus, and the shadow organization Omega gets a shiny new look this month courtesy of a new cover designed by Ellen Curtis, and the changes aren’t purely cosmetic.

“We’ve worked to combine the two Engen Universe anthologies into one epic volume,” says Curtis, of the collection. “Our series’ are where people can go to delve deep into the characters, but if they just want fun, action-packed stories that introduce them to our Universe and world, the new light|dark is now a one-stop shop.”

What this means is that the 2009 collection of Ellen Curtis’s short fiction, Compendium, has been integrated into light|dark, taking it from eight short stories to ten, now including Falling into Fire, At Midnight the Dawn, and the short that inspired an entire branch of stories in the Engen Universe, The Tourniquet Revival.

“This series has always been recommended reading for people that want a larger scope of the Engen Universe than what they got in the individual novels, but now it’s almost required reading for fans of the Infinity series,” said Engen founder Matthew LeDrew. “Now the collection introduces Nick, Gavin, and Tash to readers, all of whom have major roles in The Tourniquet Reprisal. In this collection we also see hints that may finally be paying off in a 2017 collection.”

For fans of Compendium, the frame narrative has been preserved and integrated into the overall flow of the new light|dark.  Compendium will remain available as a separate work via eBook but will no longer be actively in print. Smaller collections of the stories within light|dark will also soon be available for purchase individually via eBook.

The collection also features new substantive edits by Erin Vance, the current anthologies editor for Engen Books.

Note: At the request of the author, Andrea Edwards (author of Scarlett) has changed her credit in this collection to Andrea Hackett.

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