Shopping Guide — Buy Local this Holiday Season!

As the Holiday season approaches, you might be in the market for a unique gift for the special people in your life: something unique and pleasantly surprising to them. It’s hard to know what people already have, be they co-workers you’ve been assigned as a Secret Gift-Giver for, parents, siblings, friends, or a significant other. As a solution, we suggest: buying local and buying indie.

Buying local can help ensure your money stays within the local community, ensuring that everyone in your region has the money to properly enjoy the holiday season worry-free. Cash remaining within its local infrastructure is the backbone of making sure an economy stays stable and strong. But, on a more fun note, buying indie makes for a greater chance that the item you’re purchasing will be new to the person you’re buying it for! Rather than trying to covertly sneak a peek at their bookshelf or find a way to get information out of family and friends, you can rest assured that locally bought, independently-produced titles will be new and exciting reads to whomever you’re giving them to! 🙂

Below we’ve compiled a list of items best-suited for the different people in your life! 🙂

For Dad: A Tie & Pocket Square from Midnight Tailors
necktieTies have always been a traditional staple for dear old Dad, but Midnight Tailors is a locally owned and operated custom tailor that can really turn this staple into something new, unique, fun, and memorable. The staff at Midnight Tailors are masters of their craft: each tie is artfully and professionally crafted, handmade and custom sized with full lambs wool interfacing and bemberg lining.

The real benefit of going through Midnight Tailors though is that they can make your tie out of any fabric or pattern you want, with a pattern that is meaningful to Dad but that nobody else will have. Characters, Cameras, Tools, anything, even photos printed onto fabric! Neck Ties can be combined with other accessories such as Braces & Pocket Squares, all created out of the same fabric.

For an extra-special gift idea: every Dad has an old jacket or shirt they refuse to get rid of. Bring that old garment into Midnight Tailors and they will upcycle it into a new tie and matching pocket square for an extra-special present. Click here to visit their site.

For Mom: Aromatherapy Eye-Masks from Midnight Tailors
eyemasksAlso from Midnight Tailors are these wonderful Aromatherapy Eye-Masks. Each is one-of-a-kind and contains a hand picked lavender based herbal/crystal mixture tailor-made to help you relax. Masks can be placed in freezer for added coolness and relaxation on hard nights.

They are also very useful hung on hangers or placed in drawers to keep your clothes smelling fresh.  Also for Mom are custom shoes, bags, and stockings: and just like the ties above, these can be made from any fabric of your choice and made to match each other. Perfect for Mom. Click here to visit their site.

For your Sister: Knight’s Surrender by Heather Reilly
A stunning and sweet fantasy YA novel starring Aylan, a spirited thirteenth century farm girl of seemingly common origin who blends her special knowledge of herbology with her new found gift of magic.This book is perfect for any young person and features complex themes and important messages portrayed in a simple, easily-digested format. It is the first of a series of currently three novels by Reilly, who writes and publishes them herself.

Knight’s Surrender is smart, engaging, and the perfect answer for parents and older siblings who need a book for the YA reader who has “read everything,” the young person who needs to get into reading, or as a rebuttal to the sometimes ambiguous themes of other YA novels aimed at young girls.

For your Brother: Flight or Fight by Scott Bartlett
A Dystopian Science-Fiction novel set in a far future, featuring fast-paced fiction that paints a picture of a bleak but recognizable future, while making you laugh at the same time, then you’ll love this captivating series from a multi-award-winning author.

In the novel, Carl Intoever works for SafeTalk, a firm that destroys anyone who embarrasses its corporate customers. He does this because he hates his life, and like almost everyone else living in Dodge, he wants desperately to escape it. People in Dodge don’t save for retirement-they save for a one-way plane ticket to the western continent called the New World. When SafeTalk targets the person Carl respects most, he must choose: will he risk his dreams of escape to save his friend?


For the Horror Buff: Zombies on the Rock by Paul Carberry
An astonishing new suspense thriller from Paul Carberry, possibly the best first novel of the 2016 season. This novel brings the terror home by envisioning a global zombie outbreak — like The Walking Dead or World War Z — from the point of view of the residents of Corner Brook, Newfoundland. Don’t let the setting fool you though: this novel is expertly crafted by a future master of the horror / thriller genre who understands how to build, maintain, and payoff the suspense of the situation and setting he introduces.

Perfect for fans of The Walking Dead, World War Z, and the Black Womb series.

For the Crime reader: Cinders by Matthew LeDrew
An unsettling murder mystery with a twist brings three men of conscience into conflict with one another: Thomas Horton, the good cop, Shiro Gilbert, the vigilante, and the enigmatic young man named Xander Drew, who’s caught somewhere in between.

When the egos and obsessions of these men collide, Horton enters a violent and dangerous world he didn’t know existed beneath the veneer of order and structure that he has based his entire deductive method around, forcing them to question everything they knew… until they are both threatened to be dragged down to a place where everything burns, until all that are left, are Cinders.

Written by the author of over 13 novels, perfect for fans of Lee Child, James Patterson, and Raymond Chandler. For an extra-special gift, pick up the sequel Sinister Intent as well.

For the Cozy-Mystery Reader: Carrots by Colleen Helme
First in a continuing series of adventure-thrillers starring Shelby Nichols, an average woman who is married to the only guy she ever fell for. Her life is organized and predictable, revolving around her husband and two children. All that changes when a freak happenstance leaves her with a bullet wound on her head and the ability to ‘hear’ what people are thinking. With this uncanny new ability, she sets out on a series of adventures, using her secret new abilities and advantages to run her own private detective agency and escape her suburban life.

Perfect for fans of the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich and the Sookie Stackhouse books. This nine-book series means it’ll be a long time before you have to wonder what to get this special-someone again!

For the Adventure Reader: Infinity by Ellen Curtis
The first book in a deep, mythology-laden book of urban-set adventures of a team of people who thought they were normal, but who each possess spectacular abilities.

Hailed as “X-Men for theology students,” this book features multiple complex, relatable characters and the one man trying to bring them altogether — Victor — against a threat only he knows about.

Full of intrigue and fun, great for fans of X-Men, The Avengers, and Marcus Sakey.

For the Gamer: The FictionFirst Bookstore
dndSometimes for the hardcore gamer or fantasy buff, it’s not necessary for something to be “new” for it to be unique, appreciated, and loved. For those with RPG and Fantasy Gamers in their lives, we suggest reaching out to the fine people at the Fiction-First Bookstore, a used bookstore specializing is previously-enjoyed Sci-fi & Fantasy Novels, Roleplaying Manuals and Graphic Novels. Fiction-First is run out of the Annapolis Valley, and all of their 5000+ titles ship to anywhere in Canada, the USA and Europe.

Perfect for: Fans of Dungeons and Dragons, RPGs, and Fantasy Games. Ask for help for their friendly owner if you want to surprise your loved one but don’t know exactly what to get. Click here to visit their page.

For the Person who has Everything: The Six Elemental by Ali House
the-six-elemental_fireworksThey may think they have everything, but this book is brand new with a release date of October 31, 2016! This astonishing new YA Urban Fantasy novel by first-time novelist Ali House is the perfect gift for any avid reader constantly craving new fiction. Give them their special gift this holiday season by giving a new, exciting novel!

The myth of the Six-Elemental is almost seven hundred years old, and the possibility of someone having the power of more than one Element has been thoroughly disproven by science. None of this matters, however, when Kit Tyler receives the power of all six Elements on her twenty-first birthday.

Unsure of how the world will react, or how to wield her powers, Kit keeps this information a secret, swearing that she will reveal it when she is stronger and more worthy. After all, the only thing worse than being a walking myth is being a disappointing one. When the opportunity comes along to help prevent an impending war, she sees this as her chance to prove herself. If she can do this then nobody will question why she, of all people, was chosen.

Perfect for fans of The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, and The Golden Compass.

For that person you don’t know what to get: Sci-Fi from the Rock
Is there someone on your list you have no idea what to get? Get them Sci-Fi from the Rock, a collection of short stories from nineteen different local authors, featuring a wide range of stories from different genres, new and experienced authors, and different writings styles. With so many different things offered, there’s sure to be something that will tickle their fancy.

With an amazing cover by Kyle Callahan Photography, this book will look stunning on any bookshelf and is always a good conversation starter.

For the art buff / nerd with a new house: prints by Kyle Callahan Photography

Speaking of Kyle Callahan, he has an amazing array of original artwork ready for hanging in any home in a variety of sizes and formats. Callahan uses forced perspective to accomplish amazing, lifelike shots of geek-related icons such as Godzilla, Batman, Deadpool, and Dragonball Z. He has something unique for any art lover or nerd needing something special to decorate his man-cave.

Click here to visit his page.

For the technologist: Boom IT
boom-it-1409065925Finally, if you absolutely must buy something not produced locally, at least remember to buy locally, at a local and independently-run chain, such as Boom IT at 286 Torbay Road, St. John’s Newfoundland. They have a wide selection of gaming peripherals, storage, networking devices, and the best computers assembled on the island. Not only that but their customer service goes beyond the pale of excellence: they’ll work with you to make sure your gift is perfect, set up perfect, and is ready to go on the Holiday morning to avoid any un-needed frustration. All Engen Books technology is purchased at Boom IT, the best and simplest choice for buying technology in-province and keeping your money within the local economy. Visit their website by clicking here.

Because every awesome present needs an awesome card: Vicki’s Home-Made Cards
cardVicki’s Home-made Cards is a locally owned and operated independent greeting-card manufacturer that offers cards for all different occasions as well as custom orders! Individual cards are $4 each, with packs of 10 cards for $30, although pricing for larger packs of cards for the holiday season is negotiable. Make sure whatever gift you choose for that special someone stands out with an amazing card!
Click here to get in contact with them!

Please like and share, and have a wonderful holiday season! 🙂

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