Midnight Tailors are a Go!

The best part about being a part of the indie scene in Newfoundland? When one of us does well, we all celebrate. We celebrate when Scott Bartlett wins an award, we celebrate when Chris Walsh sells out of his book, we celebrate when Erin Vance snags a new client. Today, we as a community celebrate with Midnight Tailors, as they’ve finally been given the go-ahead from the St. John’s city council to operate their amazing and fashionably unique business out of their home on Warren Place.

Midnight Tailors offers an array of handcrafted one of a kind pieces as well as the option to work with our team to design something a little more personal. They’ve been a mainstay of the convention scene around Newfoundland and Labrador over the last few years, and have been ardent supporters of Engen Books whenever they can be.

“I was really glad to come back and support it,” said Coun. Dave Lane, in an interview with The Telegram, “The more small businesses we can have, the more resilient our economy can be.”

That’s the exact sort on mentality Engen hopes to foster within the indie and arts community of Newfoundland and Labrador: when we get our entertainment and apparel locally, more of our money stays local and can benefit our immediate economy more directly, allowing it to be re-invested in Newfoundland products, people, and services again and again.

We wish Midnight Tailors all the best and hope to work with them in the future! 🙂
Matthew LeDrew
Engen Books

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