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Just read ‘Whitecoat’ by Ken Tam… what now?

Sci-Fi from the Rock (2016)So you just read the Whitecoat prologue from Sci-Fi from the Rock and you’re wondering, as well you should be: what happens next? Are there other Champions? How did the world get to be this way in 1940? What am I missing? the story was amazing and I need to know!

First, calm down. This is a perfectly normal reaction… you’ve just been KenTaminated. Sadly there is no cure, but there is a treatment: The Champions series by Kenneth Tam.


WhitecoatWhitecoat by Kenneth Tam

Since 1881, Britain, Canada and the United States have been colonizing another planet. Now it’s 1940, and tensions between the world’s Empires are mounting because the English-speaking nations enjoy exclusive control over a uniquely powerful resource: genetically-enhanced humans known as ‘Champions’. Lady Alex Smith is the newest Champion, and her best friend Stephanie Shylock has joined the British Army so they can work together. Along with Sergeant Mike Strong, a veteran soldier with a colorful reputation, these two must follow in the footsteps of their famous parents, and save the world… perhaps both worlds.

War FootingWar Footing by Kenneth Tam

As 1941 arrives, global tensions have reached new heights. War between the British and German empires seems increasingly likely, but more worrying is the revelation that Emily, the first Champion, has turned against her government. When Lady Alex Smith, Second Lieutenant Stephanie Shylock, and Sergeant Mike Strong begin to investigate the rogue Champion’s plans, a series of violent attacks unleash chaos around the world. Is Emily seeking to destroy the system she helped create… or are others using her actions to conceal their own, more dangerous agenda? War Footing includes five novellas that have previously only been available in the ebook format, plus an exclusive bonus chapter.

Harm's Way (The Champions of 1942)Harm’s Way by Kenneth Tam

War with Germany has been declared, but at the dawn of 1942, Britain seems reluctant to strike first. Despite great superiority in both arms and technology, Churchill searches for answers instead of revenge, leaving two worlds to anxiously await a clash of empires unlike anything seen in human history… a clash which Alex, Stephanie, and Strong will miss. While Sass, George Devlin, and the Hospitality Department investigate the attacks of 1941, and Elspeth Cornish searches for Duncan’s lost children, the whitecoat and her friends are confined to a Jimmystown classroom, supposedly out of danger. But is anywhere truly safe from the enemies of the Champions? Harm’s Way includes five novellas that have previously only been available in the ebook format, plus an exclusive bonus chapter.

Scar TissueScar Tissue by Kenneth Tam

Those responsible for the war between Britain and Germany have been revealed, but as 1942 gives way to 1943, the real danger appears to come from the return of Lady Emily. Supported by an unlikely cabal of conspirators, she moves between all sides of the global conflict, while preparing a campaign of her own… But who is the target of that campaign? The British Empire has long benefited from the strength of the Champions, but as Emily’s designs shine a new light on the children of the savages, Alex, Stephanie and Strong must investigate questions that have gone unasked for decades. Together with Elspeth, George, Constance, Vanier, and the Saa, these three must peer into the past, and uncover truths that could reshape society across two worlds. Has the rogue Lady been right to claim that ordinary people are the greatest danger to the Champions? Is a newer, deadlier war close at hand? Scar Tissue includes five novellas that have previously only been available in the ebook format, plus an exclusive bonus chapter.


All are available in Print and eBook! Check them out ASAP and enjoy! 🙂

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