Finally back in print! Jennifer Combden writes for Sci-Fi from the Rock!

In our series of authors announced for the April 2016 Sci-Fi from the Rock anthology collection, Engen Books is proud to announce two stories by Jennifer Combden, Immune and Sunny Days.

Jennifer is a meteorologist living in St. John’s, Newfoundland. She is a sponge for knowledge, and her love of learning is second only to her love of sharing that knowledge. She prefers to write science fiction, with a strong emphasis on the science, as a medium by which to explain complex ideas. When not explaining quantum physics to 12 year olds she can be found living on the (PG) Nerdcrafteria minecraft server where she volunteers, writing forecasts at work, and getting lost on Wikipedia.

Both stories had been published in the anthology collection that preceded Sci-Fi from the Rock through Engen Books, which has since gone out of print. Some stories from the collection have survived in other forms, such as Ellen Curtis’s The Tourniquet Revival and Falling into Fire (in her collection Compendium) and Matthew LeDrew’s Shoe, which has also been out of print since 2010.

We’re very excited to have Jennifer’s amazing two stories back in print!

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