O Canada

My fellow Canadians, please be aware that our capital city is actually fairly nice. It’s not crowded like Vancouver or Montreal, nor is it sprawling like Calgary. It’s… well, when it’s not raining or misting like it did for our second day, it’s really rather nice. And Parliament Hill is especially cool. I admittedly completely enjoyed our free tour of the centre of our government.


There’s a whole bunch of history involved with it – for instance, did anyone know that the building burned down in 1916, and they had to rebuild it in the middle of WWI? No? Me neither! Or that they keep having to add shields of Newfoundland and Labrador and Nunavut as we joined later on (sorry for the extra work, Ottawa). In fact, there was even a plaque at some point that mentioned Newfoundland by name and as separate from Canada, which pleased me muchly, I must admit.

We also checked out a couple of museums – the Museum of Nature was very cool, many skeletons and mounted animals, and I even learned how they suppose the moon came into existence. While I can’t say I agree with this theory, and I am aware I am treading on dangerous ground here, I did find it interesting. Mostly, the coolest thing was their skeleton of a Blue Whale. I had no idea how massive those things were! We visited the Museum of War afterwards, which was a very heavy experience. The only thing I can really compare it to was like walking the grounds of Dachau, but to a much lesser extent. There’s a lot of history and pain remembered in that place, although I admit that their tanks and other equipment in the basement was very, very cool.

Here, have one of my favourite animals to cheer you up:


One thing Michael and I have noticed as we travel is how many cities actually have the highway go straight through them. In St. John’s, the highway goes around the city for the most part, whereas on the mainland, it seems as though the cities have grown up around the highways, which really slows traffic. It also makes you far more aware of the actual size of these cities, whether large or small.

We’ve been traveling since then, on the road a great deal as we hustle our way home. Conclusion to our journey should come soon, so please stay posted!

With affection,



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