Barrie and Besties

My brother was kind enough to indulge me on a side trip to Barrie so I could visit one of my best friends. Thankfully, the Lord has given me very good friends, and they like my family; so Erica was pretty cool about Michael hanging out with us. She was a lovely host, and showed us around her little piece of Barrie – and by little piece, I mean what you can walk to within the hour. Although a lovely host, she’s only lived there for three months, and is in a very demanding program, and so her knowledge of Barrie is understandably limited.

She took us downtown, where we had tea at English and Miller – and felt super fancy about it; I’d like to go again and have tea – and wandered around the waterfront. Barrie, for those of you who didn’t know (which included me until recently), shares its borders with Lake Simcoe. This is not one of the Great Lakes, but it’s still pretty good (Erica wrote that). This meant that Monday, we wandered about in the fog; it reminded us of home, which was fitting as I had a couple of pieces of home with me.

She also showed us dead fish. Please don’t look at the following image if corpses bother you; if they don’t, and you know what kind of fish they are, curious minds are wondering.


Mostly, though, Erica, Michael and I just chilled out. We chatted a lot, got fed a great lunch by Miss Erica, watched Shrek (I had forgotten how cheeky it is), and lazed around. When Erica came over to our hotel room later, I distracted her from doing this blog post with Nancy Drew. I don’t think she minded too much because she is a very kind, patient person who is surprisingly fond of my weirdness.

We departed ways on Tuesday, and it was very sad. Because Erica and I are practical people, we didn’t cry or make a scene, but Michael said you could feel the sadness in the air. I felt like I was abandoning my friend to the Wilds of Ontario. I will be home in 4 days, and she still has 31 days until she returns. I feel extremely lucky, and a little selfish. As if to compound on this sadness, Michael made sure to play several sad songs for the next hour.

AND THEN WE WENT ON COUNTY ROADS ALL THE WAY TO OTTAWA AND IT WAS AWESOME. Highly recommend, except the lovely couple that’s housing us was slightly horrified when they discovered our route. Apparently it is utter wilderness. Although, I am from a bit of wilderness, so we were just enchanted. Even though the roadkill count went up dramatically, I must admit.

Ottawa trip will be up tomorrow. Honest.

God Bless,




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