“There’s a Theme to These Songs”

When I first saw Victoria two years ago, I told people that it was a mix of Kelowna and Newfoundland. I stand by that description. Although, I also see a fair bit of Vancouver in it too, now that I’ve been there.

I don’t think Vancouver or Victoria were built for the amount of people they currently have. Vancouver especially is far busier than the roads are prepared for. It’s like they’re spilling out over the edges. It’s why there are geographical locations called ‘Greater Vancouver’ and ‘Greater Victoria’. Vancouver, I think, could be pretty if it wasn’t November and crowded. As it was, it was busy and cramped. With the occasional amazing view.


Victoria, and Vancouver Island as a whole, is beautiful. There’s the ocean smell, and sometimes the wind, and the humidity that I am so accustomed to. But then there are trees. Huge, tall, achingly beautiful trees, and thick woods of green and brown. And those are so very British Columbia that it seems impossible that it’s all on a small island.


We met quite a lot of family in Victoria, family that we didn’t know very well. But they were – are – all lovely people, and it’s always great to meet people with connections to you once you get over your initial nerves. Meeting people, and hoping that they’ll like you beyond what blood requires them to, is quite the experience. But I think I’m getting fairly good at it. If nothing else, I met a kindred spirit in the uncle we stayed with – I have never met a person with such a smilier sense of humour.

AND. As seen with Mile 0, Michael and I are now on our way home. We traveled approximately 10,000km from St. John’s to Victoria. We are now beginning our long trek back. Unlike the way over that took five weeks, we plan on going back in two weeks. A lot less visiting, although we are currently visiting in Calgary right now. We only have plans for two more visit stops, and in ten days we should be home! Which, by the way, is the explanation behind today’s title. We have found we are drawn to the songs that tell about how much they want to go home, and how they’re on their way somewhere.

Well, Newfoundland, Michael and I are on our way home. Please pray that the Lord gives us wonderful weather so that we’re not snowed in anyways.

20151111_113811 (Isn’t Calgary huge???)



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