Three Days in One

20151021_095703In case you are confused about the title, yes, this blog post will comprise the events of the last three days. All three days were very eventful, which means that this is going to be long and kind of confusing. My apologies for the mess; they were exhausting days.

Michael and I spent Wednesday running about West Edmonton Mall. As stated in my last blog post: WEM (as the signs throughout it call it), is huge. We spent the morning mostly shopping, which is very dangerous as we are on a budget, but I consider it a success because I got a couple of presents for people (but it’s a surprise; shh!), and Michael got a hat that he is very very pleased with. Then, we headed for GalaxyLand, which is WEM’s amusement park. We went on… quite a few rides before Michael got motion sickness, including the Mindbender which has three loop-de-loops in it. It was very much fun, and I totally encourage going if you get a chance.

Then we went to World Waterpark, which is WEM’s water park (self-explanatory). Michael and I went on several more rides – Mike was brave enough to go one of those slides where you have a near-vertical drop, I was not – goofed about in the tidal pool, swallowed a lot of water, bruised an elbow, scraped a knee, got bloodshot eyes, and felt a little sick after (not all of these events were experienced by both parties). Exhausted, I convinced Michael to blow a little more money at Jungle Jims.

Then we collapsed, basically.

Thursday, Michael and I decided to take the long way to Calgary – in other words, we went through Jasper and Banff National Parks.

20151022_142734_HDRMost of you probably know this already, but my parents are from Calgary. Although my mom says she loves the Atlantic Ocean (which, I admit, is something I am missing more and more everyday), there are times where she gets a far-away look in her eyes and says something about how much she misses mountains. My family in Saskatchewan told us that they felt claustrophobic around the mountains, and I know of a couple of them that are even afraid of them. After travelling through Jasper National Park, I understand all of them, although I can’t really agree with any of them.

The Rocky Mountains are huge and beautiful. And quite a few of them are snow-covered.

20151022_143507I can’t say I miss them, because they are not my home. And I found them rather comforting after the alien flatness of the prairies. But, oh, they can take your breath away! You feel incredibly small next to them – but not in a bad way. I remember learning about the difference between the beautiful and the sublime in one of my theory courses, where the sublime was the massive and the overwhelming – where it wasn’t always beautiful because it might be rugged or rough instead. What was important about the sublime was the feel associated with it – that emotion that you get when you stare out at something so much more than you, like staring out over the Atlantic Ocean while you watch a glacier slowly slide across the waves and listen to the tide rush in your ears… or when you stare up at the mountains, and see that they are taller than the clouds and the world is quiet around you because everything has been muted by these mountains.

20151022_143407 20151022_145026_HDR

We also went through all four seasons in one day. Yes, that’s right, folks: Michael and I had our first taste of snow on our journey. Although I hope so, I sincerely doubt it will be our last.

Today, we went to the zoo.

20151023_121404I LOVE ANIMALS. The caribou, the elk; did you know wood bison can be 845kg each??? Did you know that my Newfoundland dogs walk like bears? They really do; and timber wolves can prance across like my Ginger and Sheba can. And the zebras were rather nasty to each other, and we had one black bear stand up against a tree and point his nose up so we would look and see his two buddies chilling up in the branches.

I also dragged Michael around the dinosaur area, just because.


As for Calgary, well. It’s huge. But Michael and I are keeping our heads on straight because instead of gawking around, we are focusing on the road before us and avoiding rush hours. Maybe we can gawk tomorrow.

God bless!


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