Get in, Losers; We’re Going Shopping!

As you travel towards Alberta, the landscape gets noticeably more… hilly. Gradually, flatness gives way to curves; turns appear in the road, and, on occasion, you get both turns and hills at the same time. Brown fields – already harvested grain and wheat – are replaced by green and yellow hills – those that are not yet harvested – and then, on the crest of a hill, comes the sign: Welcome to Alberta!

The interesting thing about moving from province to province is that, even though each province has a distinctly unique landscape, the area around the borders are a combination of the two provinces – like the overlap in a venn diagram. But within an hour, it becomes clear you have entered a new world.

A new world that includes… Penguins.

20151020_155508West Edmonton Mall is huge. And I really don’t have much more to say than that because Michael and I are actually going to do the fun things tomorrow. I feel somewhat sorry for you all, because the next four weeks for Michael and I are a lot of visiting relatives and family friends. There isn’t going to be a regularly scheduled posting, and we’re actually spending the whole time in Alberta and BC. But I will do what I can.

Here, have a sea lion:


God bless,


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