“Stupid Squirrels!”

1444485490668Yesterday, Michael and I walked for almost five hours. We walked from downtown Montreal to the Biosphere, and then over to Old Montreal, and then back to downtown. By the end of it, Michael actually had to encourage me because my legs were giving out.

I mentioned to a couple of you that I had lost some weight on this journey – mostly because Michael and I aren’t eating as much (especially junk food) as we normally do. It also turns out that we are out of shape – walking shape at least. I can say this because I have been limping for half of this day, and Michael now has a very bad cold. He is being very good about it, however; far better than I would be if I was him. I’m impressed.

It was a good walk though. We preferred it to driving. At least this way, we actually got to see Montreal, instead of just struggle to figure out how to navigate through it. The trees were beautiful, and the buildings are huge, and it’s such a mix of old old things, and brand new things. It’s very interesting.



Today, however, Michael and I drove for 9, almost 10 hours in order to arrive in Timmins, ON. Apparently, Timmins is the hometown of Shania Twain. I had no idea before five hours ago – a giant sign had to inform us of this. So far, Timmins is small and comfy, and everyone speaks English – which is a relief. Quebec was far prettier than Ontario, but at this point in our journey, I must admit that communication comes before aesthetic pleasure.

But Quebec was beautiful. Even if the roads were both confusing and rather bumpy. In fact, Michael wanted you all to know that Newfoundland’s road are just as good as, if not better, than Quebec’s. I think Quebec must be aware of this, however, because there were these signs going all the way across that I believe told us how many millions of dollars the government was putting into highway maintenance. I say believe because, again, I speak no French.

I also feel I should let you know that every time the blog title is in quotations, that it is a Michael quote. Today we decided that the Ontario squirrels at least, are very stupid. I almost killed two squirrels in the span of half-an-hour. However, I managed to avoid the first with no danger to any living creature, and the second one seemed to wake up because it actually stopped and let me pass. As I already have two kills to my name, I did not want to add anymore, and am greatly relieved that I missed them. I have no idea how I missed that first one.

Tomorrow is another long day of driving. Unless something super fantastic happens, I probably won’t blog about it because, let’s face it, driving days are not exciting. So unless I come up with something very clever, I’ll probably save my thoughts for another post.

God bless,


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