“Where’s the Red?”

charlottetown church

Heritage Charlottetown is lovely. It has big houses, and lovely churches, and different coloured lines on the sidewalk so dumb tourists like my brother and I can find our way around. We spent an hour walking around in downtown Charlottetown, going, “Where’s the red?” as the Heritage Walk we went on was marked out by a red line on the sidewalk. It worked really well, except when we were on red cobblestone. Then we just got fairly lost. My main course of action was to find the prettiest building and aim for it; it worked almost every time.


I know I’ve been saying that the Atlantic Provinces are very much like Newfoundland (understandably so, since NL is also an Atlantic province…), but it’s starting to look different here. Yes, the fog is super strong here today (which is why we haven’t gone to the beach to see the sand everyone keeps talking about), but the trees are so tall and so colourful. It kind of reminds me of downtown Kelowna, actually, more than anything.

I like it here. I think I could even live here, possibly.

We blew a fuse this morning – I guess I wasn’t meant to dry my hair. They got it fixed for us fairly quickly though, so I don’t really mind. It almost felt like home, being plunged into the dark without warning. It keeps you on your toes, and at least there was free breakfast downstairs.

We also went to see Anne & Gilbert, which is this lovely three-hour play where everyone talks about how much Gilbert loves Anne of Green Gables, and how she loves him too. I was bouncing in my seat for almost 10 minutes before it began, and then grinned madly throughout the whole thing. The end deviated from the books a little, which annoyed me slightly because I love how she realizes that she loves Gil, but the songs were cute, and the girls who played Diana and Phillipa were delightful, and Michael enjoyed it enough that he now wants to watch the movies with me when we get home (YES *pumps fist*). Anne was as dramatic as ever, and the guy who played Gilbert was very cute. And very good too.

Basically, it was worth every dollar, and I am sad that I didn’t bring my Anne movies or books.

Then we went to visit a fellow Newfoundland Dog breeder, Vicki Leggo… And were mauled by 7 Newfoundland dogs. There were four puppies under three months old, and a fourteen-month old puppy, and two adults. They were lovely and doggish, and I smell like dog again and I love it. I thought it would make me super homesick, but I think it just calmed me (even as I was being nibbled on by two puppies, and pawed at by an adult). Dogs are very healing and comforting, at least I find them to be that way. I actually don’t remember a time of my life when I didn’t have a Newfie friend, so I think it was exactly what I needed.

What am I gonna do in a week’s time?

I miss you guys. I know I text a lot of you fairly often (some more than others… *coughs*), but I still miss you guys. While I can be comforted knowing that I get to see Erica in 5 weeks, and can FaceTime my family, the rest of you guys are kinda living in a void. It might be nice to see your faces too, at least at some point in this journey.

Just saying. 😛

God bless you all,


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